Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Objectum Sexuals & Bellyachers

When I was planning my trip, there was very little information on taking the Amtrak or anyone's specific trip to kind of give me an idea of how people do this whole train thing.

I did however find a lot of bitching about how slow train travel is, as if people expected a fairly antiquated mode of transportation to suddenly be capable of breaking the sound barrier. Many other train bloggers seemed to fall into the category of people who treat Trains Magazine as being on par with Penthouse or Hustler. This preliminary research helped define my goal of being a travel blogger that was neither:
  1. Under the impression that anyone cared about their bellyachin' or 
  2. Likely on some kind of sexual deviance watchlist.
So a few entries here and there will be some less-scintillating logistics of the trip, how its coming together, packing lists, things I'd like to see in each city, etc. My reader base has now expanded to a staggering and overwhelming three subscribers, so if my throngs of adoring fans have anything to contribute, it would be much appreciated! I apologize if I do not respond right away, but with the volume of mail that I receive it is not always possible.

For today, here is a calendar running down my trip and how long I will be spending in each place. (It also shows off my familiarity with MS Paint graphic design prowess.)


  1. Hey there, im friends with allie wachowski, who's friends with you ( we may have met once? ) anyway she told me about your twitter, and now here I am actually looking at your shit like a crazy person.
    But as for some info. Ive taken the amtrak, once to new orleans and to denver a few times, because I go to school in boulder.
    its notoriously late, all the time. so plan accordingly! also, spend as much time in the scenic window car as you can. its very fun and you meet lots of characters because typically people who take the amtrak are more interesting than your everyday fliers (in my opinion) enjoy your trip! especially colorado! the rockies are incredible. if you get a chance, take a drive to estes park and see the continental divide. or come down to boulder hippytown and see the flatirons.

  2. haha not crazy at all! what is the internet for if not voyeurism?? (calling it voyeurism somehow makes my hours of facebook stalking less creepy.)

    thank you for all the tips!! i figured ill spend about 80% of my trip being late haha so i guess its a good thing i dont really have any plans! thanks again!

  3. Added you from StaySassy! I absolutely LOVE this idea. Tell me of your adventures! You have a willing reader :)

  4. i'm going to try to take a monthlong nap so that i don't have to wait out the anticipation of your visit